What we have in this new version?


1. Addition of 7 new commands and 2 functions

- XCEL_Sheet_Sort: allows to sort the content of a range, by columns or by rows

- XCEL_PivotTable_Fld_AutoSort: allows to sort a pivot table by one of its data field.

- XCEL_Shape_New: allows the creation of MS Excel autoshapes. Arrows (right, left, top and bottom), braces (left and right) and brackets (left and right) are supported. These 8 shapes seems to be the more useful for creating profesionnal looking effects. Other kind of shapes would be added on request.

XCEL Report_Preview

- XCEL_Shape_Style_Set: presets style are supported. For arrows: presets "shape 1" to "shape 42" and for brackets and braces, presets "line 1" to "line 20".

- XCEL_Row_Property_Set: 2 properties are opened for rows and columns: "Outline level" allows to group rows or columns into different levels. "Show detail" allows to collapse or to expand a group.

XCEL Preview_Group
- XCEL_Row_Property_Get

- XCEL_Column_Property_Set

- XCEL_Column_Property_Get

- XCEL_Chart_Style_Set: allows control of the 48 styles available for every charts.

XCEL Charts_Preview

2. Changes:

- The old command XCEL_Shape_New is renamed XCEL_Shape_NewPicture.

- Command XCEL_Range_Values_Set for Windows has been improved. Should be at least 10 times faster than the previous version. The command is particulary improved for large data.

- Some properties for Mac and Windows are now stored in custom properties instead of residing in the code. The others properties will be migrated in custom properties in futures versions.


3. Fixes:

- On WIndows the Function XCEL_Range_Rect_Get was not properly returning the range rect if the regional decimal parameter is a comma.

- XCEL_Sheet_View_Set and XCEL_Sheet_View_Get. Managing views by sheet was planed but the sheet parameter was missing in the AS and VB scripts. This was resulting in a error when calling the commands.

- Fixed a typo in the error returned by the _CheckForValidRange private command.