In this new version we have:


Addition of 6 new commands and 1 function:

  • XCEL_Sheet_Visible_Set: sets the visibility of a worksheet.
  • XCEL_Sheet_Visible_Get
  • XCEL_PivotTable_New_FromSQL: creates a new Pivot Table linked to a SQL query (Windows only)
  • XCEL_PivotTable_Slicer_New: creates a new slicer for a Pivot Table (Windows only)
  • XCEL_PivotTable_Slicer_Activate: activates or deactives a slicer item. (Windows only)
  • XCEL_PivotTable_Slicer_Style_Set: sets the slicer style (color). (Windows only)
  • XCEL_PivotTable_Slicer_Delete: deletes a slicer. (Windows only)



Command XCEL_Range_Values_Set for Windows is now properly working if the data to inject in a range is containing quotes.