After several attempts, hopes and deceptions, XLSX Lib is finally here!

This Lib capables to create new xlsx files and to import the content of any worksheet present in a xlsx file without the need of MS Excel on the device.

We have commands:
- to create new worksheets
- to export data in ranges or cells
- to format cells (color, style, background)
- to add fomula to a cell
- to change column width
- to read workbook data
- to read cell format or fomula

XLSX Lib is the little brother of Excel Lib, resourceful but limited. No pivot tables, no charts, no shapes, no old or exotic files format such as the old xls MS Excel format are availabled at this moment and will probably never come in the future. Using Applescript or Visual basic have some great avantages such as ensure the data imported will be conform to the Excel internal format. Doing this by hand trying to respect an often undocumented format is something made me hesitant to release a version. Selling that as a product and pretend the stuff is full reliable is something difficult to affirm in an objective point of view.
In the other hand the stuff seems to be capable of encouraging results and required a lot of work, resilience and passion.

This is a free solution for all whose bought the Excel Lib and needs to import or create xlsx files without the need of MS Excel install on devices.

For the reasons mentioned above, I'm hesistant to release it as an independant commercial product in the LiveCode Store. Maybe we will have this product here for a small amount of coins ($30 or $40 seems to be not excessive) to help update and support this Lib. Drop me a note if you may interested in helping with this and I will be able to take a final decision.

A free Lib is not a reason here, to not propose the best for potential users.

Here is a preview of what the Lib may capable in XLSX files creation:
Capture wb


As usually, we have also a documentation with ready to use examples:
XLXS Documentation


And some examples stacks with opened code, we used to test, stress and benchmark the Lib:

1. A worbook viewer:
WB Viewer


And a report generator:
Salestore Demo