Past year I met a team creating a big software using LiveCode. Among things I was surprised to see how they were creating barcodes using a javascript script and a web area.
Then, I looked around exploring the LiveCode forum and read about some technic such as using a special font, or creating barcode by grouping objects.

This gave me the idea to simplify this and to bring a new tool in the LiveCode developers toolbox.

Barcode collection

Let me introduce the barcode generator widget:

By using some properties.


The barcode generator widget is capable to create 1-D barcodes of the following styles:
- Code39
- Code128a, Code128b, Code128c
- EAN8, EAN13

No javascript or special font are required.
If the barcode code requires a checksum it is automatically calculated by the widget.
Some properties such as scale factor, font name or size, etc are giving hand on the barcode final apparence.

If you want to test it and give some feedback, you are free to send me a note by using the form contact of this website.

Once this test period past, this widget will come as commercial product.