The Excel Library 1.3 for LiveCode extends the LiveCode capabilities by providing more than 200 commands or functions for controlling MS Excel with LiveCode.

The commands are grouped in categories:

  • Application
  • Window
  • Workbook
  • Sheet
  • Range
  • Column
  • Row
  • Cell
  • Pivot Table
  • Chart
  • Shape
  • Print Setup

What is DGH?

DGH25 Main Properties_palette Column_builder
DGH Plugin Window Properties Palette

Column builder

Custom Hearder_WidgetsImage Datagrid 2_properties FInd in_dg
Custom Header using Widgets Datagrid2 Properties Search / Find in Datagrids
Custom Header_Checkbox Function GrandTotal Positive-Negative patterns
Custom Header using Checkbox Grand Total Functions Number Formatting

Data Grid Helper
 is a plugin for LiveCode developers. This plugin helps to make developers life easier when managing LiveCode's datagrid object.

DGH is ready for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Mobile (iOS and Android).


Trial version

Download Trial Version

The trial version of DGH is available under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) and is fully compatible with the LiveCode Community version.

The Trial version has 2 limitations: it has no updater and it is not possible to register.



Download the User Guide