The Excel XLSX Library allows to create or update xlsx file. The XML Rev library is required.

List of the commands or function we have in the library:

The "NewFile" and "OpenFile" columns contain a mark if we have validated the command with the XLSX_Workbook_NewFile (creation) and XLSX_Workbook_OpenFromFile (update of an existing workbook) commands.

A small application is ready for a test if you want to help me testing the Lib capability of generating new xlsx file. You can download it for Linux, Windows or Mac by following this link:

Another application allows to open your xlsx file for a test:

Commands Description  Statut NewFile OpenFile Documented


Creates a new xlsx file. The file can be native mac or windows Done     X


Opens an existing xlsx file Done     X


Closes the xlsx file in memory (all the parts of the opened xlsx file are cached in memory by the Library) Done     X
XLSX_Workbook_File_Save Saves the xlsx file on disk Done     X


Counts the number of sheets in a workbook file Done X X X


Returns true if the sheet exists Done X X X


Returns the name of a worksheet corresponding to its number Done X X X


Returns the list of worksheets of the workbook file Done   X X


Creates a new sheet in a workbook file Done X X X


Sets values in a sheet of a workbook file (text, numeric, date) Done X X X
XLSX_Range_Values_Get Gets the values in a sheet of a workbook file Done X X X
XLSX_Range_Styles_Set Sets all the styles of a range (font, alignment, border, background and format) Done
XLSX_Range_Formula_Set Sets the formula Done X X X


Returns a range corresponding to the first cell and last cell filles by a value or a style Done X X


Returns the list of cells which have a formula attached inside a worksheet Done   X X
XLSX_Range_Formula_Get Returns the formula attached to a cell Done   X
Returns an array containing the font style parameters (size, name, style, color), one array by cell Done   X X
XLSX_Range_BgStyle_Get Returns an array containing the background style parameters (style, pattern, color) Done   X
XLSX_Range_NumberFormat_Get Returns an array containing the number format parameters (id, format string) Done  
XLSX_Range_BorderStyle_Get Returns an array containing the border style parameters (style, type, color) Done  
XLSX_Range_Alignment_Get Returns an array containing the horizontal and vertical alignment Done  
XLSX_Sheet_Name_Set Renames a worksheet Done   X X
XLSX_Util_DateFormat_Define Allows to define a list of custom date ids. This list is used when a date is imported with the XSLX_Range_Values_Get, to transform the content of a cell in a readable date (sytem format). Done   X  
XLSX_Util_DateFormat_Get Returns the list of custom date ids Done   X  
XLSX_Range_MergeCells_Set Merges cell. Actually working only with new workbooks In progress      
XLSX_Column_Width_Set Changes the width of several contiguous columns at a time. Only with new workbook at this moment In progress      


Creates a new format condition In progress