List of the commands or function we have in the library:

Note: we have no OAUTH2 renew public function. The Lib is renewing automaticaly the OAUTH2 token if needed.

The commands and functions are now implemented. We have now to write a documentation and its demonstration stack.

Commands Description  Statut


Defines the client id and client secret to use the google calendar API Done


Authorizes the application with the consent code get from the google calendar consent screen Done


Creates the URL to get the google calendar consent code for your application Done
GCalendarAPI_OAUTH2_User_Token_Set Links a token to an user for usage in the library Done


Creates a new secondary calendar Done


Deletes a secondary calendar Done


Deletes all the events of the primary calendar Done


Updates the informations of a calendar Done


Gets the informations of a calendar Done


Returns the list of the calendars defined for the user Done
GCalendarAPI_Event_New Creates a new event in a calendar Done
GCalendarAPI_Event_Get Gets informations about an event Done
GCalendarAPI_Event_Update Updates the informations of an event Done
GCalendarAPI_Event_List  Gets the events between two dates Done
Commands for managing calendarLists and ACL   Done