The plugin is now available for all the Excel Library testers.


How to make it work?

The Intellisense plugin must be installed in the LC plugin folder, then go in the plugin menu and open it.

After having input at least 2 letters, wait 1 second to have 3 dots appearing. Press the tab key to display a popup with propositions. Use the up and down arrows for navigating through the list. Hit the return key for selecting a keyword. If only one keyword matches the letters, the keyword is directly added to your code.


About the Intellisense Plugin:

For helping with the MS Excel Library's keywords, we planned to come with a tool capable of interacting with the LC script Editor. Now we have a first encouraging result, the scope of this tool has changed for something more ambitious. The temporary name for this new plugin is the "Intellisense Plugin".

What is intellisense? Here is the Wikipedia entry: Intellisense.

As a first step, the plugin is for now capable of autocompletion.


The plugin is using a dictionary composed by:

  • the LC command names
  • the LC function names
  • the LC property names
  • all the commands, functions and properties of the datagrid library
  • all the commands, functions and properties of any librairies (stacks in use). This list is refreshed every time a library is opened or closed in memory.


Here is the Intellisense plugin in action.


With the XCEL libary's keywords:

IPlugin XCEL



With LiveCode's commands:

IPlugin LC



And with DataGrid's library commands or properties:

IPlugin DG