We have added a new entry in our In Progress list for a new challenge: creating a plugin capable of interacting with the LiveCode script Editor. In our "in progress version", auto completion popups are now a reality.

Our MS Excel Library is in open beta since about one month now. This is not only the occasion to fix issues but also to confront the tool with differents users and how they are using it.

This is a good opportunity to improve the tool with users experience.


This past month we have added powerful commands for finding cells in a worksheet:

  • XCEL_Sheet_LastFilledCell_Get which returns the last filled cell in a worksheet
  • XCEL_Column_LastFilledCell_Get which returns the last filled cell in a column
  • XCEL_Row_LastFilledCell_Get which returns the last filled row in a column
  • XCEL_Sheet_Find which returns a list of all the cells containing a specified value, formula or comment

We have also added commands for dealing with print settings: page orientation, headers, footers, etc. It is for example possible to add a text or an image in the worksheet header or footer.

As a great improvement for Windows users, we are happy to announce we are now supporting saving workbooks in PDF formats (MS Excel 2007 or further required). This was supported for Macintosh since the first release.

In the next weeks we will add some examples to demonstrate how the tool is working and what it can do. And of course, we will continue to improve it for a final release planned for the end of October.


Feel free to visit our pages regularly to have news about the MS Excel Library and to send us questions or suggestions for improving the tool.

Our library for controlling MS Excel with LiveCode comes in open beta! The library is compatible with MS Excel for Windows and Macintosh. If you have interest and time in testing this library, please drop us an email.

Note: The Library is directly communicating with MS Excel by using AppleScript (Mac) or Visual Basic (Windows). A copy of MS Excel is required on the computer where the library is used.


Any testers will receive the open beta package. This package is including:

1. The Excel_Lib library stack which contains about 150 commands and functions for scripting Excel. The commands are grouped in categories:

  • Workbooks
  • Sheets
  • Ranges
  • Shapes
  • Charts
  • ...

2. A full documentation of all the commands and functions available. For helping in the learning curve, the documentation includes a lab for directly experiment commands such as:

  • including a shape to a workbook
  • retrieving data from a workbook
  • saving data from a field or a datagrid in a workbook
  • creating a chart
  • formatting and presenting data
  • etc...
 XCEL Lib_Doc_Preview XCEL Lib_Doc_Preview2  XCEL Lib_Doc_Preview3 
 Documentation preview  Lab preview Presenting data
 XCEL Lib WBData Preview XCEL Lib_WBData_Preview2  XCEL Lib_Chart_Preview 
 Sharing data between LC and Excel - Pict 1  Sharing data between LC and Excel - Pict 2  Creating Charts



Our Website is back with a new look. We reorganized things for keeping alive only usefull links and presenting what we are doing with LiveCode.

Hope you will enjoy the new look!

In DGH 1.6 we have implemented three majors features:


1. Support for Unicode or utf-8:


2. Support of the datagrid's Field Editor properties:


3. The DataGrid Template Selector: