The Excel Library 1.4.0 Commecial version is now released.

This version includes 4 new commands and 2 functions.

  • XCEL_FormatCondition_Count: Counts the number of format conditions attached to a range.
  • XCEL_FormatCondition_New: Creates a new format condition linked to a range.
  • XCEL_FormatCondition_Delete: Deletes a format condition.
  • XCEL_FormatCondition_Property_Set: Sets one of the format condition properties.
  • XCEL_Application_Path_Set (Macintosh only) Allows the possibility to define the full path of the MS Excel application to control. Useful if several versions of MS Excel are installed on the computer.
  • XCEL_Range_HyperLink_Address_Get: Returns the address of the first hyperlink attached to the specified cell.

Some changes:

  • The Excel VB or AS codes is no longer compressed in the custom properties for avoiding a crossplatform problem.
  • A description for the XCEL_Range_Rect_Get function has been added in the documentation.
  • In the documentation we have now a new "Parameters" button. This button allows to set the path of the MS Excel application to use with the documentation. The selected path is stored  in a preferences file, outside of the documentation.

And fixes:

  • Quotes in formulas could cause the XCEL_Range_Formula_Set command was not working properly on windows, with no error returned in 'the result'.
  • Quotes could cause errors with the XCEL_Range_Values_Get function (Macintosh)


Library registred's Users can download the new version in the Commercial section of the website.