Excel Library Open Source version 1.0.1:

We have fixed 3 bugs in the open source version. The 1.0.1 version is available in the download section.


Excel Library Commercial Version 1.2.0:

In this version, we have rewritten how the Pivot Table is created in the Windows version. This was necessary after we found the new number command we added was not working with the way we used for generating Pivot Table.

4 new commands and 1 function have been added:

  • XCEL_PivotTable_Fld_Name_Set
  • XCEL_PivotTable_Fld_Function_Set
  • XCEL_PivotTable_Fld_NumberFormat_Set
  • XCEL_PivotTable_Total_Visible_Get
  • XCEL_PivotTable_Total_Visible_Set


The documentation has been updated for supporting these new commands.

pivottable doc preview02



New code snippet available:

For datagrids Users, we have added a code snippet for searching a value among the rows of a datagrid.