If you are waiting for new progresses about the XLSX Lib, you may have noticed I moved my free time to the Google Calendar Lib.


My goal is to be capable to use the Google Drive API to save a xlsx file to other formats such as pdf and to include this feature in the XLSX Library.

As I had  no knowledge in using LiveCode for dealing with REST API and OAUTH 2.0, but some knowledge with the Google Calendar API, anyway, I started with the Google API I was the more confortable. This could result in creating a simple stack with some quick handlers. However, I must confess when I'm studying something I'm studying it the deeper and the more seriously possible. And the best way I know for reaching the goal is to not work just for me but with the scope to have others developpers using it. This is requiring more attention in each detail and more exigences when writting code. As an humble LiveCode hobbyist this is how I want to write my code and I hope the final users of my products can appreciate it.

I'm just playing with a big construction game. I'm starting to build each pieces patiently and this is only when I'm assembling all the pieces together than you can see what my construction looks like.

So be patient, all the pieces are coming.