We have provided our first commands for MS Excel Pivot Tables.

The Excel Library Commercial Version 1.1 includes 8 Pivot Table commands:

  • XCEL_PivotTable_New
  • XCEL_PivotTable_Delete
  • XCEL_PivotTable_Refresh
  • XCEL_PivotTable_Style_Set
  • XCEL_PivotTable_Fld_Define
  • XCEL_PivotTable_Fld_Position_Set
  • XCEL_PivotTable_Item_Visible_set
  • XCEL_PivotTable_Exists

And we have worked on our documentation with the addition of a dedicated example for experimenting the new commands:

pivottable doc preview


We are working on new commands for Pivot Tables.


Stay tuned!